Demo Version limitations:

  • Network data is not encoded (not even data send to a website, if a website is set up)
  • Some tools are not allowed to start in standalone mode (e.g. rrViewer)
  • 4 clients only
  • non-commercial only

OSX notes:

     If you want to execute the installer/update on an OSX machine, then you have to follow these steps.
     The zip format has lost the executable flag.

  • Open a terminal and enter   chmod a+x    with a space at the end.
  • Then use a Finder window and and right-click on the installer executable and select "Show package contents".
  • Browse to the subfolder Contents/MacOS
  • Drag and drop the rrSetup file from the Finder window into the Terminal window.
  • Press return to execute the commandline.

How to install (short overview):

  • Check the Requirements page first.
  • Choose any workstation in your company and extract the zip file to any temp folder.
    (Extract WITH folders. Do NOT extract the zip file into the RRender directory!)
  • Execute   rrSetup_linux, rrSetup_win or rrSetup_osx (depending on the OS your workstation is running. There is no difference, the windows installer installs linux/osx files and vice versa.)
  • Short Instructions and informations how to setup RR in your network are displayed inside the rrSetup window.
  • Further/detailed information how to setup a basic test and a permanent installation are
    available via the RR help files.

  • Royal Render installation video:

How to Update:

  • Do not shutdown any RR applications.  All jobs are kept.
    Within 5 minutes your complete farm is updated and running again.
  • Download the updater and point it to the RR installation.
  • The rrServer sends a command to all Clients to restart, then it restarts itself. (If these files have been updated)
  • If you use Linux/Osx, then you should execute the update on Linux or OSX, otherwise the executable flags might not be set.
    If this is already the case, then please execute the application RR/bin/.../rrSetExeRights to fix the installed files.
  • Optional: Sometimes submission plugins are updated. As these are installed onto the Workstation, you might want to update these as well:
    You can either use the rrWorkstationInstaller on each machine to reinstall the Submission Plugins only.
    Or you can create a command job via rrControl menu Clients to do that on all machines that have a rrClient running.

Download Links: